Akshay, 17 [Batch 2019]
O level Results: A Math A1,  E Math A2

“Ms. Sonia is an excellent teacher who has a passion for teaching and puts in a lot of effort into her work.Her lessons were always a joy to attend and she taught in a very enjoyable way to learn. Because of my early struggles in math, I didn’t enjoy studying it but Ms. Sonia was able to change my mindset towards it by showing me that I am capable of doing well as I soon achieved better grades in 2 months.

The well-crafted worksheets that encompass notes and past exam questions that help prepare a student for a complete comprehension of each topic to the helpful cheat sheets and engaging lessons is what helped me improve my grades. I highly recommend this tuition center if you are not a student and I assure you that progress will be easily obtainable.”