Chan Shin Ler, 16 [Batch 2022]
E Math: A2

The Sequoia Vision has allowed me to grow (like a sequoia tree) and learn better thanks to the teachers, learning materials and flexible timings. The center is conducive and favourable for classes as well as revision (many thanks to the beanbags and soft toys). The learning materials and notes are also simple to understand and incredibly useful. There is also a fantastic cheat sheet provided that compiles all the formulas. It also gives an overview of each chapter which is useful for the introduction to a new chapter or quick and easy revision. The questions are also challenging yet helpful when learning as it gives a good insight into how the questions are likely to appear in exams. Most importantly, the teachers have been patient, understanding and enthusiastic during my time there. Despite my repeated failures when attempting questions and low scores during exams, Ms Sonia has never failed to show her continuous and endless support and encouragement towards me. I highly recommend The Sequoia Vision as a trustable math tutor as I wholeheartedly believe that the time spent there will not go to waste (scouts honour).