Woo Yi Liang Briant, 16 [Batch 2021]
A-math: B4 [Grade before TSV: F9]
E-math: A1 [Grade before TSV: E8]

When I first joined TSV, my result was f9 for a-math and e8 for e-math, however, after Ms. Tan’s patient guidance, I slowly started to understand the concepts of the topics. Before our o levels, Ms tan even allowed us to go to the center to have a consultation with her before our exams which gave me even more confidence as I have clarified my doubts the day before and am clear on what to do for my exams. Amath was very boring at the start for me as I did not understand anything, however, ms tan slowly taught me to step by step how to do the questions and I finally improved from e8 in prelims to b4 in o levels!