Ong An Qi, 18 [Batch 2019]
O level results: E Math C6

“Ms Sonia is a teacher who sees potential in every student. I was never academically inclined. Whenever the feeling of desperation arose, whenever i had difficulty solving a math question, when i was on the verge of tears and just about ready to put my pen down and give up, she was there to patiently guide me step by step and walk me through the process.

In my 13 years of education, I never once passed Math. Due to that, I was unable to enter schools despite doing well for other subjects. Math seemed to be my biggest hurdle that hindered my success.

However under Ms Sonia’s patient stewardship and guidance, I was motivated to study smarter and managed to pass math for the first time ever! She has never once gave up on me despite my poor grades, and always encouraged me whenever I felt like giving up on myself. She taught me that math was not just a subject that would teach me patience but a subject that would teach me how to tackle multiple problems.

I am truly inspired by her, and will always be grateful for her invaluable guidance that has followed me throughout. Thank you Ms Sonia.”