Gladys Tan, 16 [Batch 2022]
A Math: A1
E Math: A1

TSV has provided a nurturing and supportive environment to elevate my skills in the area of mathematics. It has multitude of resources, which cover a wide range of questions, that could be used at my disposal and could specifically aid me in my weaker topics. Not only are the teachers patient in imparting their knowledge to the students, but they also care for the students’ well-being by giving us breaks in between our lessons to avoid burn-out. Furthermore, it has a 24/7 WhatsApp helpline to message if I face any challenging questions when doing practices at home/in school. They are efficient and quick to answer and they will emphasise the right angle to tackle the question that I ask. I have become more confident when doing math and have improved leaps and bounds in TSV—— definitely recommend this tuition