Joshua Lam, 16 [Batch 2021]
A-math: A2 [Grade before TSV: F9]
Biology: B3 [Grade before TSV: C6]

Before coming to TSV, I scored terribly for both A and E math and failed. However, change slowly occurred when I came to TSV and I suddenly saw slow but encouraging improvements in my grades. Amath in particular was the slowest where it took me a year just to jump from an F9 to A2 in O Levels. This was only made possible with piles of worksheets and of course my own efforts! Biology was actually a subject of interest for me but school results never showed it. That’s cos I have been failing it until Sec 4 mid-years when I just passed with a C6. With TSV’s help, I was able to make steady improvements from C6 to B3 in O Levels (phew)!