Jolin Yeo Shu Wen, 16 [Batch 2022]
A Math: B3
E Math: A1

I joined TSV for the first time for the holiday programme when I was in sec 2, and I ended up getting both A1s for A math and  E math for the first exam of secondary 3! Now that I’ve graduated from secondary school, I am proud to say that I have achieved my desired grades with the help of ms Sonia! Ms Sonia’s teaching style is extremely suitable for all kinds of students, and her patience when teaching is truly exceptional. I remember being at the edge of giving up on mathematics, but she helped me gain confidence in the subject and guided me towards good grades in no time 🙂 Ms Sonia never stresses her students out and instead reassures them with comforting and encouraging words, allowing students to learn effectively at their own pace. I am very thankful towards Ms Sonia and TSV and I would definitely recommend her classes to everyone!