Megan Khoo, 16 [Batch 2022]
E Math: A2

For my mid-year exam in May, I got an E8 for e-math. I remembered a friend who had improved a lot in math and asked for tutor recommendations. They were very confident that their tutor would be able to help, and I couldn’t agree more! I joined TSV in June, and I understood the content better after attending the first class. I was weak in maths when I joined, but the teachers explained the content thoroughly and patiently. When I forgot a thing or two, I never hesitated to clarify a query with them again. They are very friendly and approachable, genuinely want to help, and want the students to do well. With consistent effort and teacher guidance, I jumped from E8 in my mid-year exams to an A2 in ‘O’ Levels! The teachers at TSV played a big part in giving me the confidence, motivation and assurance that I could do well, and they were right! I’ll forever be grateful and lucky that I met such excellent teachers at TSV.