Ow Yee Wai, 16 [Batch 2021]
A Math: C6 [Grade before TSV: F9]
E Math: B4 [Grade before TSV: F9]

Before I found TSV, I was failing Math terribly in school with an F9 grade throughout secondary two. TSV is unlike the other Math tuitions which I had joined previously. Ms. Sonia has quickly proven to me that I could put my trust in her with my Mathematics with her incredibly fast mental calculations and how she is able to spot my mistakes in my Mathematics solutions quickly too. Ms. Sonia has never given up on me despite my slow progress, instead, she always encouraged me by word of mouth, letters, and treats. She is approachable and forges close relationships with her students. She would go on the extra mile to get to know her students. With Ms. Sonia’s patient guidance and coaching, I achieved a B4 from an F9 in my Emath just within 3 months! I passed my Amath O levels from a never passing streak in school too! I would highly recommend TSV to all my peers and juniors!