Rayna Chua, 16 [Batch 2021]
A Math: B3
E Math: B3
Biology: B4

During my 4 years with TSV, I enjoyed my classes and reaped a lot from them as well. Not only do they curate detailed and visually aesthetic notes, but lessons are also always interactive, making learning math fun and easy. The teachers are also very patient in explaining questions and solutions, and you can really see the effort they put in to make students feel at ease when learning math! Besides, the teachers motivate and are very encouraging to their students in every way you can imagine. TSV really helped me pick up my interest in math as I find math questions becoming easier and easier whenever I attempt them. Really thankful to teacher Sonia for being so inspiring, and TSV on whole for teaching me so much ! ☺️ I attended the Biology lessons from teacher yan jun and I am really surprised how good of a teacher she is !! She made learning biology look so easy and gave detailed explanations whenever we are unsure of anything. This motivated me to work harder on biology and I jumped from an F9 to B4 with the help of her classes! The biology cheatsheets helped tremendously, especially during o levels, it helps visual learners like me a lot as there are lots of hand-drawn diagrams to help students understand better, and it’s just like a mini textbook but lighter! Teacher Yan jun will take the time to go through each topic with you and the key concepts you are required to know, so you are sure of what you need to know! Never thought I would like biology so much until I received classes from TSV!