Max Lim
Max Lim
Max Lim, 17 [Batch 2020, Joined 4 months before O’s]
A Math: A1 [Grade before TSV: F9]
E Math: A1 [Grade before TSV: D7]

Having underperformed in both E and A math, I knew I had to seek help. I started attending The Sequoia Vision and it proved to be extremely rewarding. Ms Tan never fails to make lessons engaging and fruitful. She would also put in extra effort to create and collate practices and notes to give us a better understanding of the various topics. Despite the setbacks due to the pandemic, she would go the extra mile and send us practices to go along with the lessons held online. Her passion and patience in teaching really helped me regain my confidence in mathematics. Eventually, under her guidance, I improved drastically from an F9 to A1 for A math and D7 to A1 for E math. Hence, I would like to thank Ms Tan for accompanying me throughout this tough journey!