Kenneth Wu, 16 [Batch 2021]
A Math: B4 [Grade before TSV: C6]
E Math: A1 [Grade before TSV: C6]


During my two years at TSV, I was able to see an immediate increase in my grades in a span of 2 months, from C6 to B4 in Amath and scoring A1 for a-math for subsequent exams. Ms. Tan’s teaching methods were very effective and took the time to ensure that our foundation in Amath was good before moving on with content. The materials provided at TSV were extremely helpful for revision, such as the numerous practice papers and TSV quick revision notes as it was easy to digest and allowed me to grasp the concepts easily. Overall, the time spent at TSV was fruitful and I am happy with the results that I have seen after attending lessons at TSV!