Elita Eso, 18 [Batch 2018]
O level Results: A Math A2, E Math A2

My journey from loving math but not performing that well to loving math and performing exceptionally well was a very rough one indeed. My math was always my strongest subject ever since primary school but in sec 3 when I suddenly started getting Cs and Bs, my whole self esteem just dropped because I was doing so badly (L1R5 of 28) I was so shocked, this was the worst I ever performed. I always told myself I didn’t need help for math cause I’m good at it but at that point I knew something had to be done. I never really thought much of it as I never had a good experience with tuition as most of them barely helped. So on my first lesson I was very skeptical and was still unsure how the outcome may turn out. However not only was I assured that I was going to improve on the very first lesson, I had a great time. Time passed by so fast. I had never looked forward to tuition as I did for seqouia’s tuition before. This happened every lesson. I had a lot of fun and my love for the subject grew so much.

By mid years in sec 4 I was topping the class for both A math and E math. I was elated and just kept pushing my self to do better. Nearing the prelims, I started getting full marks and not only that but my other subjects started improving as well and I was doing very well. I would credit that all to Ms Shulin as I never would have been able to plan my time as well without her advice and help.  At the end of the day I got an A1 for emath and an A2 for amath and my L1R5 was 9. Although I wanted an A1 for amath as well I knew I never could have made it this far without Ms Shulin. I really enjoyed every single lesson and really loved the subject more that anything. The journey was stressful and tough but it’s a journey I’ll look back on and be proud of. Now I’m in NYJC hoping for the day sequoia takes A’level math HAHAH but nonetheless with Shulin’s tips and advices I’m still doing well in math and I have found that newfound love in math and the passion to do well that I never had before. All I can say is thanks for being the change in my secondary school journey. I’ll always remember you !:(