Allanis Sng, 19 [Batch 2017]
O level Results: A math: A2 E math: A2

Math to me, was the bane of my existence. I’ve always hated math. I panicked every math lesson and my mental health was taking a turn for the worse.  Every time I think that I’ve grasped the basic concept of math, I get really really lost after that. I kept doubting and questioning my abilities.  A math was one of the biggest hurdle in my life.  I never payed attention in class, kept talking to my friends or was always doodling. For the first semester every quiz grade was an E8 or F9.  I was grasping at ends; had no idea what I could do. Thankfully, I was given the chance to enter tuition. It wasn’t easy to convince my mom to let me have tuition and neither was it easy having to sit through long long hours of math lessons HAHA.  But I did it and here I am, breathing and alive. It doesn’t get any easier but you’ll one day gain the strength to pull through and climb over this hurdle and another. I think all you need is a little courage to try; try to give your all and who knows where that will bring you