Qu Han Yu, 19 [Batch 2017]
O level results: A math A1,  E math: A1


‘Ms Sonia started teaching me after my mid-year exam in secondary 3. I often fail my math and I was really upset because i thought I would not have any chance to score an A for the subject. Although I did not have any motivation to study the subject, my math results have improved since, and I still managed to get a C5 at the end of the year. Ms Sonia puts in a lot of effort in making materials for us and give me small tests to make sure that I understood what she taught. She helped me built a strong math foundation, which helps me understand math concepts quickly. She also replies to my messages promptly regardless of how busy she is. She also encourage me before every tests and never once showed her disappointments even if I did not do well in my tests. I’m very grateful to be taught by Ms Sonia and I really want to thank her for all her hard work and patience. She may be young, but she really teaches with her heart.”