Success Stories: Students Who Excelled with Math Tuition at TheSequoiaVision

As of 2023, there was 700+ happy students, 94.3% achieved A1,A2 and B3 for amath and emath in 2023, 100% achieve AL3 and above for PSLE in 2023, and 100% of students improved 3 grades and more for with our june holiday workshop and classes!


At The Sequoia Vision (TSV), we pride ourselves on providing top-tier math tuition that not only helps students improve their grades but also builds their confidence and love for the subject. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in the success stories of our students. Here are some inspiring examples of how TSV has made a significant impact on their academic journeys.

1. A Track Record of Success

As of 2023, TSV has proudly supported over 700 happy students in their quest for academic excellence. Our results speak volumes:

94.3% of our students achieved A1, A2, and B3 in A-Math and E-Math in 2023.

100% of our students achieved AL3 and above for PSLE in 2023.

100% of students improved by at least 3 grades during our June holiday workshops and regular classes.


Individual Success Stories

Emma Tan: From Struggling to Soaring

Emma joined TSV in the middle of Secondary 3, feeling overwhelmed and discouraged by her constant struggles with math. With personalized attention through our Tree Learning System and unlimited consultations, Emma gradually built a strong foundation. She took full advantage of our WhatsApp support and cheat sheets during her revision. By the end of Secondary 4, Emma not only achieved an A1 in both A-Math and E-Math but also discovered a newfound confidence in her abilities.

> “I never thought I could excel in math until I joined TSV. The tutors were always there to help, and the cheat sheets were a game-changer. I’m so grateful for their support!” – Emma Tan

Daniel Lim: Achieving Consistency and Excellence

Daniel had always been an average student in math, consistently scoring around the C5 mark. After enrolling in TSV’s tuition program and using our TSV Learning Portal with its concept videos and pop quizzes, he began to see marked improvements. Our Math Analysis identified his weaknesses, and with curated worksheets and personalized feedback, Daniel started scoring A2s and eventually achieved an A1 in his O-Level exams.

> “TSV’s structured approach and the learning portal really helped me understand the concepts better. The practice papers were incredibly useful for my revision. I can’t thank TSV enough!” – Daniel Lim

Sophia Ng: Excelling at the Primary Level

Sophia was in Primary 5 when she started attending TSV’s classes. She was anxious about the upcoming PSLE exams and needed extra help to solidify her math skills. Our F.L.A.M.E Pedagogy ensured she had a strong foundation, and the buddy study sessions kept her motivated. By the time she took her PSLE, Sophia scored AL1 in Math, a remarkable achievement that boosted her confidence significantly.

> “The environment at TSV is so supportive, and the tutors are amazing. Sophia enjoyed her lessons and improved so much. We’re thrilled with her PSLE results!” – Mrs. Ng


The TSV Advantage

What sets TSV apart from other tuition centers is our holistic and personalized approach to learning. Our Tree Learning System offers:

– Unlimited consultations: Ensuring every doubt is cleared promptly.

– WhatsApp Support: Tutors are always available for quick help.

– Template & Cheat Sheets: Simplified study aids that make revision more effective.

– TSV Learning Portal: A comprehensive resource for continuous learning.

– Math Analysis: Personalized assessments to target weak areas.

– Curated Worksheets & Exam Papers: Regularly updated to ensure relevant practice.


Our F.L.A.M.E Pedagogy further enriches the learning experience, focusing on foundation, optimal learning, accelerated application, quality materials, and a supportive environment.


Join Us Today

These success stories are just a glimpse of what our students achieve at TSV. With our proven track record and dedication to each student’s success, we are confident that your child can also excel in math with us. Contact us today to learn more about our programs and how we can help your child achieve their academic goals.

At TheSequoiaVision, we’re passionate about making math fun and accessible for everyone! Whether you’re in Primary School, Secondary School,, or preparing for your JC H2 math, we’ve got the perfect support system for you. With teachers who are math experts with strong teaching experience, be prepared to excel with us through our proven track record!

Join us as one of the leading math tuition center in Singapore, where you’ll find plentiful resources – from in-depth math analysis and handy worksheets to 24/7 WhatsApp support and easy-to-understand cheat sheets. Plus, our expert consultations are always available to give you that extra boost!

Here at TSV, we understand that our students may have a tight schedule which is why we offer flexible class schedules that fit perfectly into your routine, perfect for your needs. Not forgetting those who love extra goodies such as keychains, stickers and cheat sheet, check out our exclusive TSV shop!