2023 September Sprint Course

Join TSV this September holiday to recap on core topics and boost your grades!

All of the programmes and classes are designed as a ‘last’ push and enable students to secure distinctions in the upcoming national examinations.

2023 September Sprint Course



It’s the LAST PUSH!

This September holidays, sign up for our Sprint Course to recap on important concepts required to ace the upcoming national examinations. The topical revisions will equip our students with a strong foundation on core topics.




  • Linear Law, Plane Geometry, Binomial theorem, Trigo graphs and more!


  • ‘N’ / ‘O’ Level mock paper and Revision


  • Sec 3: Transport in plants, Transport in humans
  • Sec 4: Molecular genetics, Inheritance

Lower Secondary Crash Course

  • Revise and master term 3 math topics

Enjoy FREE learning materials provided (including in-house cheatsheets, formula foolscap pad, questionnaires, and more!)

Click here to download the PDF.