'O' Level Fast Track Programmes

Struggling with class tests? Having trouble catching up in class?

Join TSV this holiday to overcome and conquer mathematics! You’ll achieve more than just good grades.

All of the programmes and classes are designed to help weaker Math students to be able to secure a distinction in the upcoming national examinations.


Booster Course

Master ALL Tested Topics

This March and June holidays, sign up for our Booster Course to grasp the concepts required for the upcoming math examinations. The topical revisions will equip our students with a strong foundation on core topics.

Complimentary math analysis is provided to help students identify the required booster course to attend.


Sprint Course


Join our September Sprint Course, the final lap before the end-of-year examinations and ‘O’ level examinations. Sharpen and strengthen the core chapters that will be tested and achieve a distinction for your ‘O’ level E-math and A-math.



Holiday Headstart Programme

Train To Tackle TOUGH Questions

Our Holiday Headstart Programme is proven to help new students nail the fundamentals and tackle challenging questions to gain a competitive edge over the rest and secure the distinction.

There will be topical revisions and the latest materials with different types of exam questions.

Click here for the PDF.