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Our Motive is Better Education.

The Sequoia Vision is the leading specialist tuition centre for Mathematics, established in 2017. Our Additional and Elementary Mathematics tuition classes are customised for secondary students in Singapore with our FLAME pedagogy.

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Achieved A1 and A2 for 'O' Levels 2021


Achieved A1, A2 and B3 for 'O' Levels 2021

TSV Tree Learning System
#1 Math Analysis
An assessment for students to know their strengths and weaknesses, and help them craft out a concrete plan to overcome and conquer mathematics.
#4 Templates & Cheat Sheets
Our signature cheat sheets and academic supplements make content easily digestible for students during their own revision time.
#2 Curated Worksheets & Exam Papers
Comprehensive worksheets and exam papers are revised regularly to facilitate effective learning, specially curated by our head tutor, Ms. Sonia Tan.
#5 Unlimited Consultation
TSV students can book a timeslot with our tutors to have consultations to clear any doubts.
#3 TSV Learning Portal (Coming Soon!)
Access to TSV Learning Portal, with topical concept videos and pop quizzes to maximize revision and learning after school and tuition.
#6 WhatsApp Support
Tutors at TSV are readily available to support our students with any questions via WhatsApp, even after lessons.

Our FLAME Pedagogy

TSV recognises that a robust math foundation is the key to mastering ‘O’ and ‘N’ level Additional/Elementary Math. We have curated Holiday Programmes to help students build a strong foundation, especially in core topics.

TSV is a math specialist centre, covering students from Secondary 1 to Secondary 4/5. Our tailored “Algebraic Intensive” lower secondary classes have been proven to be highly effective for our students, and TSV achieved and maintained 100% distinction rates for the last 6 consecutive years!

At TSV, we understand that there is no one-size-fits-all solution for students to excel and we focus on developing each individual tailored to their needs. As such, we conduct a unique math analysis on the first lesson to understand and provide new students with an individually customized target system, to track their progress on a weekly and term basis.
One of the most common problems students encounter is time management. Most students find their school’s system too rushed, and there is often not enough time for students to understand, process and practice what they have learnt. At TSV, we use a unique set of techniques to accelerate our students’ ability to understand difficult concepts and apply various formulas. We also conduct frequent time practice and mock exams.
The weekly lecture materials at TSV are specially crafted and continuously updated by our team from the latest test and examination materials. These expose students to a wide range of exam questions. We also make sure our students are equipped with the best materials to optimise their learning. In 2019, we have created our yearly cheat sheets that are exclusive for our students. This year, we are thrilled to announce we have created our very own A math and E math cheat sheet foolscap pad, which you can purchase at only $9.90 for a set!
For the past two years, TSV has not only served as a learning centre but also as a second home for many of our students. Here, our team and students are closely bonded, which creates a strong support system and conducive learning environment for student. At TSV, we endeavour to continue keeping such a tight knitted community and culture, encouraging our students to enjoy learning and achieving their goals.
Math Notes and Material

01 Foundation

Focus on Foundation
Math Accelerate Program

02 Learn

Learn Optimally
Math Accelerate Program

03 Accelerate

Accelerate & Apply
Math Notes and Material

04 Materials

Materials & Mentorship
Secondary Math Tuition Environment

05 Environment

Enriching the Environment

The Sequoia Values

Sequoia trees are the tallest and oldest living trees in the world, growing up to 300 feet and living to more than 3000 years old. Like most tall trees, its toughness and resilience enable it to tower above forests. What sets Sequoia trees apart, however, is the steady growth from their thick trunks. Hence, The Sequoia Vision is to help students realize the meaning of continued growth and resilience, so they can reach greater heights.

Sonia Tan

- Founder of TSV

sequoia tree

Grow Through Adversity

Just like how sequoia trees thrive from forest fires instead of burning down, our students will learn how to grow through adversity. To never stop learning and growing.

sequoia tree roots

Supportive Community

Similar to the intertwining roots that support the giant sequoia trees, TSV builds a tight-knitted community for our students. You’ll achieve more than just good grades.